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that's us! wow!

We are a collective of 4 budding artists with varying art styles. We have been a part of the local Sarnia art scene since June 2019.

H. Stalmach

H. Stalmach's Profile Picture

Styles: illustration, painting, mixed media
Specialty: figure drawing
Dabbles in: handmade goods (pins, bookmarks, etc)
In charge of steaminess 😳

Corby Canie


Corby's Profile Picture

Styles: illustration, mixed media
Specialty: comics, character design
Dabbles in: sculpture, digital media
In charge of all things pure ✨

Emma Read


TheSlimeologist's Profile Picture

Styles: cel-shading
Specialty: digital art, line art perfection
Dabbles in: stickers, paper craft
In charge of balancing creepy-cute (but mostly cute)💀💖

Zoë Frankland

Zoë's Profile Picture

Styles: abstract, illustration
Specialty: detailed line art
Dabbles in: photography
In charge of long, flowing locks 💇


Below are Humdrum's group Instagram, Facebook, and e-mail address. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! ^^)/